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Create blob from file on disk


Read a file from the filesystem and write its content to the Object Database as a loose blob. The method is vectorized and accepts a vector of files to create blobs from.


blob_create(repo = ".", path = NULL, relative = TRUE)



The repository where the blob(s) will be written. Can be a bare repository. A git_repository object, or a path to a repository, or NULL. If the repo argument is NULL, the repository is searched for with discover_repository in the current working directory.


The file(s) from which the blob will be created.


TRUE if the file(s) from which the blob will be created is relative to the repository's working dir. Default is TRUE.


list of S3 class git_blob objects


## Not run: 
## Initialize a temporary repository
path <- tempfile(pattern="git2r-")
repo <- init(path)

## Create blobs from files relative to workdir
writeLines("Hello, world!", file.path(path, "example-1.txt"))
writeLines("test content", file.path(path, "example-2.txt"))
blob_list_1 <- blob_create(repo, c("example-1.txt",

## Create blobs from files not relative to workdir
temp_file_1 <- tempfile()
temp_file_2 <- tempfile()
writeLines("Hello, world!", temp_file_1)
writeLines("test content", temp_file_2)
blob_list_2 <- blob_create(repo, c(temp_file_1, temp_file_2),
                           relative = FALSE)

## End(Not run)

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