Man pages for gllvm
Generalized Linear Latent Variable Models

AICcCorrected Akaike information criterion and number of...
anova.gllvmAnalysis Of Deviance for gllvm
coefplot.gllvmPlot covariate coefficients and confidence intervals
confint.gllvmConfidence intervals for model parameters
ecoCoefsFunctions to extract ecological quantities of the latent...
getLV.gllvmExtract latent variables
getPredictErr.gllvmExtract prediction errors for latent variables from gllvm...
getResidualCor.gllvmExtract residual correlations from gllvm object
getResidualCov.gllvmExtract residual covariance matrix from gllvm object
gllvmGeneralized Linear Latent Variable Models
logLik.gllvmLog-likelihood of gllvm
microbialdataMicrobial community data
ordiplot.gllvmPlot latent variables from gllvm model
plot.gllvmPlot Diagnostics for an gllvm Object
predict.gllvmPredict Method for gllvm Fits
predictLVs.gllvmPredict latent variables for gllvm Fits
randomCoefplot.gllvmPlot random slope coefficients
residuals.gllvmDunn-Smyth residuals for gllvm model
se.gllvmStandard errors for gllvm model
simulate.gllvmSimulate data from gllvm fit
summary.gllvmSummarizing gllvm model fits
vcov.gllvmReturns variance-covariance matrix of coefficients in a...
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