Man pages for glmmsr
Fit a Generalized Linear Mixed Model

calibration_parametersParameters needed to calibrate the cluster tree
cluster_graphThe beliefs for the clusters and sepsets of a cluster tree,...
coef.glmmFitExtract Model Coefficients for a glmmFit object
continuous_beliefsA vector of terms in the factorization of a graphical model,...
find_approximation_nameFind the name of the likelihood approximation used for...
find_lfun_glmmFind the log-likelihood function
find_modfr_glmmParse a formula (and possibly subformulas)
glmmFit a GLMM
glmmFitConstruct a glmmFit object
glmmsrglmmsr: fit GLMMs with various approximation methods
optimize_glmmMaximize the approximated log-likelihood
print.glmmFitPrint glmmFit object
print.summaryGlmmFitPrint summaryGlmmFit object
set_lme4_controlControl of Mixed Model Fitting
summary.glmmFitSummarize a glmmFit object
summaryGlmmFitConstruct a summaryGlmmFit object
three_levelA dataset simulated from a three-level model
two_levelA dataset simulated from a two-level model
vcov.glmmFitCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a glmmFit object
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