Man pages for glmtoolbox
Set of Tools to Data Analysis using Generalized Linear Models

AGPCAGPC for Generalized Estimating Equations
anova2Comparison of nested Generalized Linear Models
anova.glmgeeComparison of nested Generalized Estimating Equations
anova.overglmComparison of nested Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial...
aucubaLesions of Aucuba mosaic virus
bladderBladder cancer in mice
cellularAgents to stimulate cellular differentiation
CICCorrelation Information Criterion for Generalized Estimating...
confint2Confidence Intervals for Generalized Linear Models
cooks.distance.glmgeeCook's Distance for Generalized Estimating Equations
cooks.distance.overglmCook's Distance for Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial...
depressionTreatment for severe postnatal depression
dfbeta.glmgeeDfbeta for Generalized Estimating Equations
dfbeta.overglmDfbeta for Negative Binomial and Beta-binomial Models
envelopeNormal QQ-plot with simulated envelope of model residuals
envelope.glmNormal QQ-plot with simulated envelope of model residuals
envelope.lmNormal QQ-plot with simulated envelope of model residuals
envelope.overglmNormal QQ-plot with simulated envelope of model residuals
estequaFunction to extract estimating equations
estequa.glmEstimating Equations in Generalized Linear Models
estequa.glmgeeEstimating Equations in Generalized Estimating Equations
estequa.overglmEstimating Equations in Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial...
GHYCGosho-Hamada-Yoshimura's Criterion for Generalized Estimating...
glmgeeGeneralized Estimating Equations
gvifGeneralized Variance Inflaction Factor
gvif.glmGeneralized Variance Inflaction Factor
gvif.lmGeneralized Variance Inflaction Factor
hltestThe Hosmer-Lemeshow Goodness-of-Fit Test
liverLiver cancer in mice
mammaryAbility of retinyl acetate to prevent mammary cancer in rats
ossificationTeratogenic effects of phenytoin and trichloropropene oxide
overglmNegative Binomial and Beta-Binomial Regression Models
predict.glmgeePredictions for Generalized Estimating Equations
predict.overglmPredictions for Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial...
QICQIC for Generalized Estimating Equations
racesHill races in Scotland
residuals.glmgeeResiduals for Generalized Estimating Equations
residuals.overglmResiduals for Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial Regression...
richnessSpecies richness
RJCRotnitzky–Jewell's Criterion for Generalized Estimating...
ROCcThe Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) Curve
SGPCSGPC for Generalized Estimating Equations
skincancerSkin cancer in women
spruceEffect of ozone-enriched atmosphere on growth of sitka spruce
stepCriterionVariable selection in regression models from a chosen...
stepCriterion.glmVariable Selection in Generalized Linear Models
stepCriterion.glmgeeVariable selection in Generalized Estimating Equations
stepCriterion.lmVariable Selection in Normal Linear Models
stepCriterion.overglmVariable selection in Negative Binomial and Beta-Binomial...
swimmersSelf diagnozed ear infections in swimmers
vcov.glmgeeEstimate of the variance-covariance matrix in GEEs
vdtestTest for Varying Dispersion Parameter
vdtest.glmTest for Varying Dispersion Parameter in Generalized Linear...
vdtest.lmTest for Varying Dispersion Parameter in Normal Linear Models
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