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#' Tweaked predict to take into account levels that are not in the training set but in the test set and remove these rows.
#' This function applies the logistic regression predict after carefully removing observations of categorical features' levels absent from the training set..
#' @param model The logistic regression model to use to predict on a test set.
#' @param df The whole test set which class has to be predicted.
#' @param c_iter The segment considered (given by the tree).
#' @return A dataframe of predictions (in rows: the observations, in cols: the class probabilities) given by the model given in input, eventually tweaked if some levels are unknown to it.
#' @keywords internal
#' @author Adrien Ehrhardt

predict_tweaked <- function(model, df, c_iter) {
  pred = tryCatch(
    stats::predict(model, newdata = df, type = "response"),
    error = function(e) {
      data_w = df
      data_wo = df
      encodage = caret::dummyVars( ~ ., data = df)
      # Levels not in the training set but in the test set are removed
      for (var in setdiff(encodage$facVars, c("c_map", "c_hat"))) {
        if (length(levels(df[, var])[!(levels(df[, var]) %in% (levels(factor(df[df$c_hat == levels(df$c_hat)[c_iter], var]))))]) > 0) {
          data_w <-
            data_w[data_w[, var] %in% levels(factor(df[df$c_hat == levels(df$c_hat)[c_iter], var])), ]
          data_wo <-
            data_wo[data_wo[, var] %in% (levels(df[, var])[!(levels(df[, var]) %in% (levels(factor(df[df$c_hat == levels(df$c_hat)[c_iter], var]))))]), ]

      pred_w = stats::predict(model, newdata = data_w, type = "response")
      pred_wo = rep(mean(df[df$c_hat == c_iter, "y"], na.rm = T), nrow(data_wo))
      pred = c(pred_w, pred_wo)
      names(pred) = c(rownames(data_w), rownames(data_wo))


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