Man pages for gnn
Generative Neural Networks

catchCatching Results, Warnings and Errors Simultaneously
ffGNNFeedforward for Generative Neural Networks
fitGNNFunctions and Methods for Training of Generative Neural...
FNNGenerative Moment Matching Network
GNN_basicsBasic Functions and Methods
lossLoss Function
plotFunctions for Plotting
raw_kerasConvert GNN model Slots to raw or keras Objects
rGNNSampling from a Generative Neural Network
rm_extRemove a File Extension
rPriorSampling from a Prior Distribution
save_loadSave and Load .rda Files with Conversion to Raw and Keras...
Tensorflow_availableA Simple Check whether TensorFlow is Available
timeHuman-Readable Time Measurement
trafos_dimreductionDimension-Reduction Transformations for Training or Sampling
trafos_marginsData Transformations for Training or Sampling
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