goalprog: Weighted and lexicographical goal programming and optimization

A collection of functions to solve weighted and lexicographical goal programming problems as specified by Lee (1972) and Ignizio (1976).

AuthorFrederick Novomestky <fnovomes@poly.edu>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerFrederick Novomestky <fnovomes@poly.edu>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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Man pages

achievements: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

calc.ta: Calculate achievement function for the k-th priority level

calc.ta.k: Calculate the achievement for the highest k priority levels

calc.ti: Calculate the k-th index row

calc.ti.k: Calculate index rows for levels 1 through k

check.ev.cp: Check entering variable for complementary pivoting

check.tb: Check for negative RHS values and repair tableau

coefficients: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

dv.llgp: Determine subscript of departing variable for a LLGP problem

dv.tie: Resolve tie for departing variables

ev.llgp: Determine subscript of entering variable

fix.fp: Round floating point values that are with tolerance of...

get.variable.class: Get the variable complementarity class

ignizio.datasets: Ignizio (1976) Sample Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.1: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.2: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.3: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.5: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.6: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

llgp: Solve an LLGP problem

llgpcp: Solve an LLGP problem with complementary pivoting

llgpcptab: Create lexicographical LGP tableau

llgpout: Obtain solution to the LLGP problem

llgptab: Create lexicographical LGP tableau

neg.ind.rows: Count number of negative index values

piv.llgp: Modified simplex pivot to change basis variables

pos.ind.rows: Count number of positive index values above I(k,s)

print.llgpcptab: Print the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...

print.llgpout: Print the solution

print.llgptab: Print the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...

swp.headings: Swap row and column headings

swp.vec: Swap row and column vectors

targets: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

zero.ind.rows: Count zero index values in column s

Files in this package

goalprog/man/achievements.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ta.k.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ta.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ti.k.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ti.Rd goalprog/man/check.ev.cp.Rd goalprog/man/check.tb.Rd goalprog/man/coefficients.Rd goalprog/man/dv.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/dv.tie.Rd goalprog/man/ev.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/fix.fp.Rd goalprog/man/get.variable.class.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.datasets.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.1.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.2.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.3.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.5.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.6.Rd goalprog/man/llgp.Rd goalprog/man/llgpcp.Rd goalprog/man/llgpcptab.Rd goalprog/man/llgpout.Rd goalprog/man/llgptab.Rd goalprog/man/neg.ind.rows.Rd goalprog/man/piv.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/pos.ind.rows.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgpcptab.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgpout.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgptab.Rd goalprog/man/swp.headings.Rd goalprog/man/swp.vec.Rd goalprog/man/targets.Rd goalprog/man/zero.ind.rows.Rd
goalprog/R/calc.ta.k.R goalprog/R/calc.ta.R goalprog/R/calc.ti.k.R goalprog/R/calc.ti.R goalprog/R/check.ev.cp.R goalprog/R/check.tb.R goalprog/R/dv.llgp.R goalprog/R/dv.tie.R goalprog/R/ev.llgp.R goalprog/R/ev.llgpcp.R goalprog/R/fix.fp.R goalprog/R/get.variable.class.R goalprog/R/llgp.R goalprog/R/llgpcp.R goalprog/R/llgpcptab.R goalprog/R/llgpout.R goalprog/R/llgptab.R goalprog/R/neg.ind.rows.R goalprog/R/piv.llgp.R goalprog/R/pos.ind.rows.R goalprog/R/print.llgpcptab.R goalprog/R/print.llgpout.R goalprog/R/print.llgptab.R goalprog/R/swp.headings.R goalprog/R/swp.vec.R goalprog/R/zero.ind.rows.R

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