goalprog: Weighted and lexicographical goal programming and optimization

A collection of functions to solve weighted and lexicographical goal programming problems as specified by Lee (1972) and Ignizio (1976).

AuthorFrederick Novomestky <fnovomes@poly.edu>
Date of publicationNone
MaintainerFrederick Novomestky <fnovomes@poly.edu>
LicenseGPL (>=2)

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Man pages

achievements: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

calc.ta: Calculate achievement function for the k-th priority level

calc.ta.k: Calculate the achievement for the highest k priority levels

calc.ti: Calculate the k-th index row

calc.ti.k: Calculate index rows for levels 1 through k

check.ev.cp: Check entering variable for complementary pivoting

check.tb: Check for negative RHS values and repair tableau

coefficients: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

dv.llgp: Determine subscript of departing variable for a LLGP problem

dv.tie: Resolve tie for departing variables

ev.llgp: Determine subscript of entering variable

fix.fp: Round floating point values that are with tolerance of...

get.variable.class: Get the variable complementarity class

ignizio.datasets: Ignizio (1976) Sample Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.1: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.2: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.3: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.5: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

ignizio.example.3.6: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

llgp: Solve an LLGP problem

llgpcp: Solve an LLGP problem with complementary pivoting

llgpcptab: Create lexicographical LGP tableau

llgpout: Obtain solution to the LLGP problem

llgptab: Create lexicographical LGP tableau

neg.ind.rows: Count number of negative index values

piv.llgp: Modified simplex pivot to change basis variables

pos.ind.rows: Count number of positive index values above I(k,s)

print.llgpcptab: Print the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...

print.llgpout: Print the solution

print.llgptab: Print the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...

swp.headings: Swap row and column headings

swp.vec: Swap row and column vectors

targets: Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets

zero.ind.rows: Count zero index values in column s


achievements Man page
calc.ta Man page
calc.ta.k Man page
calc.ti Man page
calc.ti.k Man page
check.ev.cp Man page
check.tb Man page
coefficients Man page
dv.llgp Man page
dv.tie Man page
ev.llgp Man page
fix.fp Man page
get.variable.class Man page
ignizio.datasets Man page
ignizio.example.3.1 Man page
ignizio.example.3.2 Man page
ignizio.example.3.3 Man page
ignizio.example.3.5 Man page
ignizio.example.3.6 Man page
llgp Man page
llgpcp Man page
llgpcptab Man page
llgpout Man page
llgptab Man page
neg.ind.rows Man page
piv.llgp Man page
pos.ind.rows Man page
print.llgpcptab Man page
print.llgpout Man page
print.llgptab Man page
swp.headings Man page
swp.vec Man page
targets Man page
zero.ind.rows Man page


goalprog/man/achievements.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ta.k.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ta.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ti.k.Rd goalprog/man/calc.ti.Rd goalprog/man/check.ev.cp.Rd goalprog/man/check.tb.Rd goalprog/man/coefficients.Rd goalprog/man/dv.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/dv.tie.Rd goalprog/man/ev.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/fix.fp.Rd goalprog/man/get.variable.class.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.datasets.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.1.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.2.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.3.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.5.Rd goalprog/man/ignizio.example.3.6.Rd goalprog/man/llgp.Rd goalprog/man/llgpcp.Rd goalprog/man/llgpcptab.Rd goalprog/man/llgpout.Rd goalprog/man/llgptab.Rd goalprog/man/neg.ind.rows.Rd goalprog/man/piv.llgp.Rd goalprog/man/pos.ind.rows.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgpcptab.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgpout.Rd goalprog/man/print.llgptab.Rd goalprog/man/swp.headings.Rd goalprog/man/swp.vec.Rd goalprog/man/targets.Rd goalprog/man/zero.ind.rows.Rd
goalprog/R/calc.ta.k.R goalprog/R/calc.ta.R goalprog/R/calc.ti.k.R goalprog/R/calc.ti.R goalprog/R/check.ev.cp.R goalprog/R/check.tb.R goalprog/R/dv.llgp.R goalprog/R/dv.tie.R goalprog/R/ev.llgp.R goalprog/R/ev.llgpcp.R goalprog/R/fix.fp.R goalprog/R/get.variable.class.R goalprog/R/llgp.R goalprog/R/llgpcp.R goalprog/R/llgpcptab.R goalprog/R/llgpout.R goalprog/R/llgptab.R goalprog/R/neg.ind.rows.R goalprog/R/piv.llgp.R goalprog/R/pos.ind.rows.R goalprog/R/print.llgpcptab.R goalprog/R/print.llgpout.R goalprog/R/print.llgptab.R goalprog/R/swp.headings.R goalprog/R/swp.vec.R goalprog/R/zero.ind.rows.R

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