Man pages for goalprog
Weighted and lexicographical goal programming and optimization

achievementsIgnizio (1976) Example Data Sets
calc.taCalculate achievement function for the k-th priority level
calc.ta.kCalculate the achievement for the highest k priority levels
calc.tiCalculate the k-th index row
calc.ti.kCalculate index rows for levels 1 through k
check.ev.cpCheck entering variable for complementary pivoting
check.tbCheck for negative RHS values and repair tableau
coefficientsIgnizio (1976) Example Data Sets
dv.llgpDetermine subscript of departing variable for a LLGP problem
dv.tieResolve tie for departing variables
ev.llgpDetermine subscript of entering variable
fix.fpRound floating point values that are with tolerance of...
get.variable.classGet the variable complementarity class
ignizio.datasetsIgnizio (1976) Sample Data Sets
ignizio.example.3.1Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets
ignizio.example.3.2Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets
ignizio.example.3.3Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets
ignizio.example.3.5Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets
ignizio.example.3.6Ignizio (1976) Example Data Sets
llgpSolve an LLGP problem
llgpcpSolve an LLGP problem with complementary pivoting
llgpcptabCreate lexicographical LGP tableau
llgpoutObtain solution to the LLGP problem
llgptabCreate lexicographical LGP tableau
neg.ind.rowsCount number of negative index values
piv.llgpModified simplex pivot to change basis variables
pos.ind.rowsCount number of positive index values above I(k,s)
print.llgpcptabPrint the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...
print.llgpoutPrint the solution
print.llgptabPrint the LLGP tableau at the current priority level and...
swp.headingsSwap row and column headings
swp.vecSwap row and column vectors
targetsIgnizio (1976) Example Data Sets
zero.ind.rowsCount zero index values in column s
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