Man pages for googleTagManageR
Access the 'Google Tag Manager' API using R

gtm_accounts_getList account metadata
gtm_accounts_listList all accounts a user has accesss to
gtm_accounts_updateUpdates account metadata
gtm_authAuth for GTM Specific Properties
gtm_builtin_createEnable a built-in variable
gtm_builtin_deleteDisable a built-in variable
gtm_builtin_listList all built-in variables
gtm_builtin_revertReverts changes to a GTM Built-In Variables in a GTM...
gtm_containers_createCreates a new container in an acount
gtm_containers_deleteDeletes an existing GTM Container.
gtm_containers_getGets the metadata for a single container in GTM
gtm_containers_listList all containers in an account
gtm_containers_updateUpdates a GTM Container
gtm_environments_createCreate an environment
gtm_environments_deleteDelete an environment
gtm_environments_getThis gets the metadata for a single GTM Environment
gtm_environments_listList the containers
gtm_environments_reauthorizeReauthorise an existing GTM environment
gtm_environments_updateUpdate an environment
gtm_folders_createCreates a GTM Folder
gtm_folders_deleteDeletes a GTM Folder
gtm_folders_entitiesList all entities in a GTM Folder.
gtm_folders_getGets a GTM Folder
gtm_folders_listList all containers in an account
gtm_folders_moveMove entities to a new folder
gtm_folders_revertReverts a GTM Folder
gtm_folders_updateUpdates a GTM Folder
gtm_headers_latestGets the latest container version header
gtm_headers_listList all container versions of a GTM container
gtm_tags_createCreate a new tag
gtm_tags_deleteDelete a tag
gtm_tags_getGet one tag in a workspace
gtm_tags_listList all tags in a workspace
gtm_tags_revertReverts a tag,
gtm_tags_updateUpdate an existing tag
gtm_triggers_createCreate a new trigger
gtm_triggers_deleteDelete a trigger
gtm_triggers_getList a single trigger in a workspace
gtm_triggers_listList all triggers in a workspace
gtm_triggers_revertReverts a trigger to its original state
gtm_triggers_updateUpdate an existing trigger
gtm_variables_createCreate a new variable
gtm_variables_deleteDelete a variable
gtm_variables_getList all variables in a workspace
gtm_variables_listList all variables in a workspace
gtm_variables_revertReverts a variable to its original state
gtm_variables_updateUpdate an existing variable
gtm_versions_deleteDelete a container version
gtm_versions_getList a single version in a workspace
gtm_versions_publishPublish a new container version
gtm_versions_setlatestSets a container version as the latest version
gtm_versions_undeleteUndeletes a container version
gtm_versions_updateUpdate a container version
gtm_workspaces_createCreate a new workspace
gtm_workspaces_deleteDelete a workspace
gtm_workspaces_getGet workspace metadata
gtm_workspaces_listList all workspaces a user has accesss to
gtm_workspaces_previewPreview the compilation of a container version
gtm_workspaces_resolveResolve workspace conflicts
gtm_workspaces_statusSee workspace changes
gtm_workspaces_submitCreate a new container version
gtm_workspaces_syncBring a workspace in line with the latest version
gtm_workspaces_updateUpdate a workspace
gtm_zones_createCreate a new zone
gtm_zones_deleteDelete a zone
gtm_zones_getList a single zone in a workspace
gtm_zones_listList all zones in a workspace
gtm_zones_revertReverts a zone to its original state
gtm_zones_updateUpdate an existing zone
variables_listBuilt-In Variable Keys
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