gtm_containers_delete: Deletes an existing GTM Container.

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gtm_containers_deleteR Documentation

Deletes an existing GTM Container.


This deletes a GTM container from an account. This is an irreversible process, so it's recommended that you first back up the container.


gtm_containers_delete(account_id, container_id, force = c("TRUE", "FALSE"))



Account Id


Container Id


Force deletion without user input

See Also

Other container functions: gtm_containers_create(), gtm_containers_get(), gtm_containers_list(), gtm_containers_update()


## Not run: 

accountId <- 1234567
containerId <- 7654321
gtm_conainers_delete(accountId, containerId, "TRUE")

containerId <- 7654567

gtm_containers_delete(accountId, containerId)

# !!WARNING!! This command will delete your container.
# This operation is irrevocable.
# It is strongly recommended that you create an export of your container 
# before you delete it, just in case you ever want it again.
# Are you sure you want to continue?

#  1: Yes
#  2: No

# Selection: 1

# Are You really sure you want to delete this container?

#  1: Yes
#  2: No

# Selection: 1

# Container 7654567 has been deleted.

## End(Not run)

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