Man pages for googledrive
An Interface to Google Drive

as_dribbleCoerce to a 'dribble'
as_idExtract and/or mark as file id
as_shared_driveCoerce to shared drive
deprecated-team-drive-functionsDeprecated Team Drive functions
dribbledribble object
dribble-checksCheck facts about a dribble
drive_aboutGet info on Drive capabilities
drive_authAuthorize googledrive
drive_auth_configureEdit and view auth configuration
drive_browseVisit Drive file in browser
drive_cpCopy a Drive file
drive_createCreate a new blank Drive file
drive_deauthSuspend authorization
drive_downloadDownload a Drive file
drive_empty_trashEmpty Drive Trash
drive_endpointsList Drive endpoints
drive_examplesExample files
drive_extensionLookup extension from MIME type
drive_fieldsRequest partial resources
drive_findFind files on Google Drive
drive_getGet Drive files by path or id
drive_has_tokenIs there a token on hand?
drive_linkRetrieve Drive file links
drive_lsList contents of a folder or shared drive
drive_mime_typeLookup MIME type
drive_mkdirCreate a Drive folder
drive_mvMove a Drive file
drive_publishPublish native Google files
drive_putPUT new media into a Drive file
drive_read_stringRead the content of a Drive file
drive_renameRename a Drive file
drive_revealAdd a new column of Drive file information
drive_rmDelete files from Drive
drive_shareShare Drive files
drive_tokenProduce configured token
drive_trashMove Drive files to or from trash
drive_updateUpdate an existing Drive file
drive_uploadUpload into a new Drive file
drive_userGet info on current user
exposeAn expose object
googledrive-configurationgoogledrive configuration
googledrive-deprecatedDeprecated googledrive functions
googledrive-packagegoogledrive: An Interface to Google Drive
pipePipe operator
request_generateBuild a request for the Google Drive API
request_makeMake a request for the Google Drive v3 API
shared_drive_createCreate a new shared drive
shared_drive_findFind shared drives
shared_drive_getGet shared drives by name or id
shared_drive_rmDelete shared drives
shared_drivesAccess shared drives
shared_drive_updateUpdate a shared drive
shortcut_createCreate a shortcut to a Drive file
shortcut_resolveResolve shortcuts to their targets
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