googledrive-package: googledrive: An Interface to Google Drive

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googledrive allows you to interact with files on Google Drive from R.

googledrive::drive_find(n_max = 50) lists up to 50 of the files you see in My Drive. You can expect to be sent to your browser here, to authenticate yourself and authorize the googledrive package to deal on your behalf with Google Drive.

Most functions begin with the prefix drive_.

The goal is to allow Drive access that feels similar to Unix file system utilities, e.g., find, ls, mv, cp, mkdir, and rm.

The metadata for one or more Drive files is held in a dribble, a "Drive tibble". This is a data frame with one row per file. A dribble is returned (and accepted) by almost every function in googledrive. It is designed to give people what they want (file name), track what the API wants (file id), and to hold the metadata needed for general file operations.

googledrive is "pipe-friendly" and, in fact, re-exports %>%, but does not require its use.

Please see the googledrive website for full documentation:

In addition to function-specific help, there are several articles which are indexed here:


Maintainer: Jennifer Bryan (ORCID)


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