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100 Data Sets for Statistics Education

AirPollutionAir Pollution Data
AizawlCancerSex-wise differences in cancer types
AllergyAllergy Data Set
Asthma1Testing Effect of Curcuma Longa
Asthma2Testing effect of treatment on milk induced Eosinophilia in...
Asthma3Effect of curcuma longa on de-granulation of mast cells in...
Asthma4Testing effect of Curcuma longa on paw inflammation in rats
atombombCancer deaths of atomic bomb survivors
BacteriaA multi-factorial experiment on the bacteria growth in the...
BambooGrowthData set relating growth of bamboo to geographic location
BamboolifePreparing a life table for the Bamboo plant
BananabatsThe Bat Census data
BANKBank Churn data set
BarleyheightComparison of genotypes and checking time trend
BatcaptureUnderstanding seasonality and species composition of bat...
BatGroupFitting distributions to the bat group size data
BatrecaptureFitting a model to bat recapture data
BiodegradationBiodegradation of Dimethoate in Industrial Effluents by...
birdextinctBird extinct at a national park
BirthDeathChanges in Human birth and death rates in India over the 20th...
BPSYSTwo drug comparison
ButterfliesStudy of distribution of butterfly species count among 5...
ChitalparasiteUnderstanding the correlation of occurrence of a parasite
cloudseedCloud Seeding
Cosmetic1Testing efficacy of a cosmetic product
COWSDATACrossbreeding of Cows
CrackHealing the heel
CrimeRelation between crime and intelligence
DroughtStressModeling Genotypic variation in photosynthetic competence of...
DunglifeDung decay data
EarthquakeModeling earthquake aftershocks
EarthwormbiomassEarthworms in cultivated soils
EarthwormSeasonPopulation dynamics of earthworms
elephantAge and mating success for Elephants
EuphorbiaceaeRelationship between tree height and girth of Euphorbiaceae
ExtruderUnderstanding effect of manufacturing conditions on product...
FairnessComparison of formulations and sample size determination of a...
FAMILYUnderstand relationship between height of parents and child
FilariasisageInfection among Filariasis
FilariasisSexSex related prevalence in human filariasis
FilariasistypeFilariasis and different parasites causing it
FishFish species interaction
fishtoxinToxicity effect on fish
FrogfoodStudy of growth and food preference over age in frogs
FrogmatingRelation between body size and number of mates for the frogs
Frog_survivalFitting Ricker curve to frog survival data
GDSModeling Trends in Gross Domestic Savings
GeometricbirdsRank abundance distribution of bird species
gpk-package100 Data Sets for Statistics Education
HeartComparison of Test drug with Placebo for Heart Attack
HighjumpGuessing the gold medal score for 2004 Olympics
hundredmrunGuessing the gold medal score for 2004 Olympics
IMRChanges in Infant mortality over last century across...
IOCSharePriceModeling share price series of IOC
IslandSpAreaSpecies area relationship
IvoryweightTrends in illegal ivory trade
LognormalbirdsSpecies abundance distribution
LogseriesbirdsSpecies abundance distribution
LoopsLoops of the finger prints
LungSmoking and Lung capacity study
magazineTime trends in authorship distribution
MammalsBirth weight and brain size of mammals
mammalsizeCorrelates of brain size for the mammals
MiceProtein intake and lifespan of mice
MicrogrowFit sigmoidal model to bacterial growth
MimosaceaeRelationship between tree height and girth
mothNatural selection
OralCancerComparison of two chemotherapy treatments for oral cancer
PlaqueStudying effect of toothpaste on plaque accumulation
PlasticSeasonality in sales of plastic granules
PoliocasesThe number of polio cases
PreservePredicting fungal growth
ProductionQuality control for examining consistency in weight
PureforsureDetection of adulteration
RabbitRelating Foot length to Body mass
RatStudy of rat burrow architecture
RiceWheatModeling Rice and Wheat production
salamanderHabitat preference of salamander
SheeplifeFitting probability distribution to life data of Sheeps
SholapurWeatherHas the weather in Sholapur changed over 3 decades?
SorghumheightModeling sorghum plant growth
SpaccHerbSpecies accumulation curve
SpaccShrubsSpecies accumulation curve
SpaceshuttleModeling Space shuttle O-ring failure data
SpareabirdsSpecies area curve
StemDensityVegetation types and tree density
TeethNormalModeling indicators of dental health
Tiger7Identification of individual tigers from pugmarks
TigerIdentityTiger census using scat samples
TimberGenetic and environmental components of tree characteristics
ValvefailureValve characteristics and numbers of failures in a nuclear...
WaterqualityWater quality analysis using clustering
widowbirdMate selection by females
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