kernCreate: Initialise a kernel structure.

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Initialise a kernel structure.


kernCreate(x, kernType, kernOptions=NULL)



Input data values (from which kernel will later be computed).


Type of kernel to be created, some standard types are 'lin', 'rbf', 'white', 'bias' and 'rbfard'. If a cell of the form 'cmpnd', 'rbf', 'lin', 'white' is used a compound kernel based on the sum of the individual kernels will be created. The 'cmpnd' element at the start of the sequence is optional. Furthermore, 'tensor', 'rbf', 'lin' can be used to give a tensor product kernel, whose elements are the formed from the products of the two indvidual kernel's elements and 'multi', 'rbf', ... can be used to create a block structured kernel for use with multiple outputs. Finally the form 'parametric', struct('opt1', val1), 'rbf' can be used to pass options to other kernels.


the kernel options.


kern <- kernCreate(x, kernType) input points and a kernel type.

kern <- kernCreate(dim, kernType) creates a kernel matrix structure given the dimensions of the design matrix and the kernel type.



The kernel structure.

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    backsolve, forwardsolve

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