Man pages for graphscan
Cluster Detection with Hypothesis Free Scan Statistic

barplotBarplot of the 1D clusters lengths.
clusterPerforms cluster analysis on 'graphscan' class object.
events_seriesA 1D cluster example: events series example.
france_two_clustersA 2D cluster example: France with two clusters.
graphscanCluster detection with hypothesis free scan statistic
graphscan_1dCreates objects of class 'graphscan' using 1D data.
graphscan-classClass '"graphscan"'
graphscan_ndCreates objects of class 'graphscan' using 2D or 3D data.
graphscan-plotPlot clusters localisations or the 1D events distributions.
sample3dA 3D cluster example.
summarySummarize a graphscan object.
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