Man pages for grpreg
Regularization Paths for Regression Models with Grouped Covariates

aucCalculates AUC for cv.grpsurv objects
BirthwtRisk Factors Associated with Low Infant Birth Weight
birthwt-grpregRisk Factors Associated with Low Infant Birth Weight
cv-grpregCross-validation for grpreg/grpsurv
gBridgeFit a group bridge regression path
grpregFit a group penalized regression path
grpreg-packageRegularization paths for regression models with grouped...
grpsurvFit an group penalized survival model
logLik-grpreglogLik method for grpreg
LungVA lung cancer data set
plot-cv-grpregPlots the cross-validation curve from a 'cv.grpreg' object
plot-grpregPlot coefficients from a "grpreg" object
plot-grpsurv-funcPlot survival curve for grpsurv model
predictModel predictions based on a fitted 'grpreg' object
predict-grpsurvModel predictions based on a fitted "grpsurv" object.
select-grpregSelect an value of lambda along a grpreg path
summary-cv-grpregSummarizing inferences based on cross-validation
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