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Copula Density and 2-D Hazard Estimation using Smoothing Splines

cdsscopuEvaluating 1-D Conditional PDF, CDF, and Quantiles of Copula...
DiaRetDiabetic Retinopathy
dsscopuEvaluating Copula Density Estimates
hzdrate.sshzd2dEvaluating 2-D Smoothing Spline Hazard Estimates
mkterm.copuAssembling Model Terms for Copula Density Estimation
sscopuEstimating Copula Density Using Smoothing Splines
sshzd2dEstimating 2-D Hazard Function Using Smoothing Splines
summary.sscopuCalculating Kendall's Tau and Spearman's Rho for 2-D Copula...
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