DiaRet: Diabetic Retinopathy

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Time to blindness of 197 diabetic retinopathy patients who received a laser treatment in one eye.




A data frame containing 197 observations on the following variables.

id Patient ID.
time1 Follow-up time of left eye.
time2 Follow-up time of right eye.
status1 Censoring indicator of left eye.
status2 Censoring indicator of right eye.
trt1 Treatment indicator of left eye.
trt2 Treatment indicator of right eye.
type Type of diabetes.
age Age of patient at diagnosis.
time.t Follow-up time of treated eye.
time.u Follow-up time of untreated eye.
status.t Censoring indicator of treated eye.
status.u Censoring indicator of untreated eye.


This is reformatted from the data frame diabetes in the R package timereg by Thomas H. Scheike.


Huster, W.J., Brookmeyer, R., and Self, S.G. (1989), Modelling paired survival data with covariates. Biometrics, 45, 145–56.

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