gsw: Gibbs Sea Water Functions

Provides an interface to the Gibbs SeaWater (TEOS-10) C library, which derives from Matlab and other code written by WG127 (Working Group 127) of SCOR/IAPSO (Scientific Committee on Oceanic Research / International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Oceans).

AuthorDan Kelley [aut, cre, cph] (C wrapper plus R code, tests, and documentation), Clark Richards [aut, cph] (C wrapper plus R code, tests, and documentation), WG127 SCOR/IAPSO [aut, cph] (Original Matlab and derived code)
Date of publication2015-01-19 18:43:55
MaintainerDan Kelley <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2) | file LICENSE

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Man pages

argfix: Reshape list elements to match the shape of the first...

gsw: R implementation of the Thermodynamic Equation Of Seawater -...

gsw_adiabatic_lapse_rate_from_CT: Adiabatic lapse rate from Conservative Temperature

gsw_alpha: Thermal expansion coefficient with respect to Conservative...

gsw_alpha_on_beta: Thermal expansion coefficient over haline contraction...

gsw_alpha_wrt_t_exact: Thermal expansion coefficient with respect to in-situ...

gsw_beta: Saline contraction coefficient at constant Conservative...

gsw_beta_const_t_exact: Saline contraction coefficient at constant in-situ...

gsw_cabbeling: Cabbeling coefficient (48-term equation)

gsw_C_from_SP: Electrical conductivity from Practical Salinity

gsw_cp_t_exact: Isobaric heat capacity

gsw_CT_freezing: Conservative temperature freezing point

gsw_CT_from_pt: Conservative Temperature from potential temperature

gsw_CT_from_t: Convert from temperature to conservative temperature

gsw_deltaSA_from_SP: Absolute Salinity Anomaly from Practical Salinity

gsw_dynamic_enthalpy: Dynamic enthalpy of seawater (48-term equation)

gsw_enthalpy: Specific enthalpy of seawater (48-term equation)

gsw_enthalpy_t_exact: Specific enthalpy of seawater

gsw_entropy_from_t: Specific entropy as a function of in-situ temperature and...

gsw_grav: Gravitational acceleration

gsw_internal_energy: Specific internal energy of seawater (48-term equation)

gsw_IPV_vs_fNsquared_ratio: Ratio of vert. gradient of pot. density to vert grad of...

gsw_kappa: Isentropic compressibility of seawater

gsw_kappa_t_exact: Isentropic compressibility of seawater

gsw_latentheat_evap_CT: Latent heat of evaporation

gsw_latentheat_evap_t: Latent heat of evaporation

gsw_latentheat_melting: Latent heat of melting

gsw_Nsquared: Calculate Brunt Vaisala Frequency squared

gsw_p_from_z: Pressure from z

gsw_pot_rho_t_exact: Potential density

gsw_pt0_from_t: Potential temperature referenced to the surface

gsw_pt_from_CT: Potential temperature from Conservative Temperature

gsw_pt_from_t: Potential temperature from in-situ temperature

gsw_rho: In-situ density (48-term equation)

gsw_rho_first_derivatives: SA, CT and p partial derivatives of density (48-term...

gsw_rho_t_exact: In-situ density

gsw_SA_from_rho: Convert from density to absolute salinity

gsw_SA_from_SP: Convert from practical salinity to absolute salinity

gsw_SA_from_Sstar: Absolute Salinity from Preformed Salinity

gsw_sigma0: Potential density anomaly referenced to 0 dbar

gsw_sigma1: Potential density anomaly referenced to 1000 dbar

gsw_sigma2: Potential density anomaly referenced to 2000 dbar

gsw_sigma3: Potential density anomaly referenced to 3000 dbar

gsw_sigma4: Potential density anomaly referenced to 4000 dbar

gsw_sound_speed: Sound speed with 48-term density

gsw_sound_speed_t_exact: Sound speed

gsw_specvol: Specific volume

gsw_specvol_anom: Specific volume anomaly

gsw_specvol_t_exact: Specific volume

gsw_SP_from_C: Convert from electrical conductivity to practical salinity

gsw_SP_from_SA: Convert from Absolute Salinity to Practical Salinity

gsw_SP_from_SK: Calculate Practical Salinity from Knudsen Salinity

gsw_SP_from_SR: Calculate Practical Salinity from Reference Salinity

gsw_SP_from_Sstar: Practical Salinity from Preformed Salinity

gsw_SR_from_SP: Calculate Reference Salinity from Practical Salinity

gsw_Sstar_from_SA: Convert from Absolute Salinity to Preformed Salinity

gsw_Sstar_from_SP: Convert from Practical Salinity to Preformed Salinity

gsw_t_freezing: Freezing temperature

gsw_t_from_CT: In situ temperature from Conservative Temperature

gsw_thermobaric: Thermobaric coefficient (48-term equation)

gsw_Turner_Rsubrho: Turner angle and density ratio

gsw_z_from_p: Height from pressure (48-term equation)

saar: Global SA lookup file


argfix Man page
gsw Man page
gsw_adiabatic_lapse_rate_from_CT Man page
gsw_alpha Man page
gsw_alpha_on_beta Man page
gsw_alpha_wrt_t_exact Man page
gsw_beta Man page
gsw_beta_const_t_exact Man page
gsw_cabbeling Man page
gsw_C_from_SP Man page
gsw_cp_t_exact Man page
gsw_CT_freezing Man page
gsw_CT_from_pt Man page
gsw_CT_from_t Man page
gsw_deltaSA_from_SP Man page
gsw_dynamic_enthalpy Man page
gsw_enthalpy Man page
gsw_enthalpy_t_exact Man page
gsw_entropy_from_t Man page
gsw_grav Man page
gsw_internal_energy Man page
gsw_IPV_vs_fNsquared_ratio Man page
gsw_kappa Man page
gsw_kappa_t_exact Man page
gsw_latentheat_evap_CT Man page
gsw_latentheat_evap_t Man page
gsw_latentheat_melting Man page
gsw_Nsquared Man page
gsw-package Man page
gsw_p_from_z Man page
gsw_pot_rho_t_exact Man page
gsw_pt0_from_t Man page
gsw_pt_from_CT Man page
gsw_pt_from_t Man page
gsw_rho Man page
gsw_rho_first_derivatives Man page
gsw_rho_t_exact Man page
gsw_SA_from_rho Man page
gsw_SA_from_SP Man page
gsw_SA_from_Sstar Man page
gsw_sigma0 Man page
gsw_sigma1 Man page
gsw_sigma2 Man page
gsw_sigma3 Man page
gsw_sigma4 Man page
gsw_sound_speed Man page
gsw_sound_speed_t_exact Man page
gsw_specvol Man page
gsw_specvol_anom Man page
gsw_specvol_t_exact Man page
gsw_SP_from_C Man page
gsw_SP_from_SA Man page
gsw_SP_from_SK Man page
gsw_SP_from_SR Man page
gsw_SP_from_Sstar Man page
gsw_SR_from_SP Man page
gsw_Sstar_from_SA Man page
gsw_Sstar_from_SP Man page
gsw_t_freezing Man page
gsw_t_from_CT Man page
gsw_thermobaric Man page
gsw_Turner_Rsubrho Man page
gsw_z_from_p Man page
saar Man page


gsw/R/gsw.R gsw/R/zzz.R
gsw/man/gsw_SP_from_Sstar.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SP_from_SK.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SP_from_C.Rd gsw/man/saar.Rd gsw/man/gsw_CT_freezing.Rd gsw/man/gsw_latentheat_melting.Rd gsw/man/gsw_Turner_Rsubrho.Rd gsw/man/gsw_pt_from_t.Rd gsw/man/gsw_rho_first_derivatives.Rd gsw/man/gsw_rho_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_kappa_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_z_from_p.Rd gsw/man/gsw_enthalpy.Rd gsw/man/gsw_cp_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_dynamic_enthalpy.Rd gsw/man/gsw_t_freezing.Rd gsw/man/gsw_rho.Rd gsw/man/gsw_enthalpy_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_specvol.Rd gsw/man/gsw_internal_energy.Rd gsw/man/gsw_adiabatic_lapse_rate_from_CT.Rd gsw/man/gsw_IPV_vs_fNsquared_ratio.Rd gsw/man/gsw_pt_from_CT.Rd gsw/man/gsw_Sstar_from_SA.Rd gsw/man/gsw_t_from_CT.Rd gsw/man/gsw.Rd gsw/man/gsw_Nsquared.Rd gsw/man/gsw_alpha_wrt_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sound_speed_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_p_from_z.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sigma1.Rd gsw/man/gsw_CT_from_t.Rd gsw/man/gsw_beta_const_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_kappa.Rd gsw/man/gsw_grav.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SP_from_SA.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SR_from_SP.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SA_from_rho.Rd gsw/man/gsw_pt0_from_t.Rd gsw/man/gsw_thermobaric.Rd gsw/man/gsw_Sstar_from_SP.Rd gsw/man/gsw_deltaSA_from_SP.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sigma0.Rd gsw/man/gsw_CT_from_pt.Rd gsw/man/gsw_latentheat_evap_t.Rd gsw/man/gsw_alpha_on_beta.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SA_from_Sstar.Rd gsw/man/gsw_beta.Rd gsw/man/gsw_C_from_SP.Rd gsw/man/gsw_specvol_anom.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SA_from_SP.Rd gsw/man/gsw_cabbeling.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sigma2.Rd gsw/man/gsw_SP_from_SR.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sigma4.Rd gsw/man/gsw_entropy_from_t.Rd gsw/man/gsw_latentheat_evap_CT.Rd gsw/man/gsw_alpha.Rd gsw/man/argfix.Rd gsw/man/gsw_specvol_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sigma3.Rd gsw/man/gsw_pot_rho_t_exact.Rd gsw/man/gsw_sound_speed.Rd

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