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gsw_frazil_properties_potential_polyR Documentation

Properties of Frazil ice i.t.o. potential enthalpy (polynomial version)


Calculation of Absolute Salinity, Conservative Temperature, and ice mass fraction based on bulk Absolute Salinity, bulk potential enthalpy, and pressure


gsw_frazil_properties_potential_poly(SA_bulk, h_pot_bulk, p)



Absolute Salinity of a combination of seawater and ice [ g/kg ]


potential enthalpy of a mixture of seawater and ice [ J/kg ]


sea pressure [dbar], i.e. absolute pressure [dbar] minus 10.1325 dbar


a list containing SA_final, h_final and w_Ih_final.

Implementation Note

This R function uses a wrapper to a C function contained within the GSW-C system as updated 2021-12-28 at with git commit '98f0fd40dd9ceb0ba82c9d47ac750e935a7d0459'.

The C function uses data from the library/gsw_data_v3_0.mat file provided in the GSW-Matlab source code, version 3.06-11. Unfortunately, this version of the mat file is no longer displayed on the website. Therefore, in the interests of making GSW-R be self-contained, a copy was downloaded from on 2022-05-25, the .mat file was stored in the developer/create_data directory of, and then the dataset used in GSW-R was created based on that .mat file.

Please consult to learn more about the various TEOS-10 software systems.


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SA_bulk <- c(     34.7118,   34.8915,   35.0256,   34.8472,   34.7366,   34.7324)
h_pot_bulk <- c(-4.5544e4, -4.6033e4, -4.5830e4, -4.5589e4, -4.4948e4, -4.4027e4)
p <- c(                10,        50,       125,       250,       600,      1000)
r <- gsw_frazil_properties_potential_poly(SA_bulk, h_pot_bulk, p)
stopifnot(all.equal(r$SA_final, c(39.098264696022831, 39.343217436835218, 39.434244243586633,
                                  39.159511498029801, 38.820458704205542, 38.542256756176229)))
stopifnot(all.equal(r$CT_final, c(-2.155537691991377, -2.200841508940901, -2.264094318382661,
                                  -2.344613208230164, -2.598663953454472, -2.900948531145453)))
stopifnot(all.equal(r$w_Ih_final, c(0.112190777010854, 0.113150823111566, 0.111797356032850,
                                    0.110121687760246, 0.105198620534670, 0.098848824039493)))

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