Man pages for gvlma
Global Validation of Linear Models Assumptions

00gvlma.packageGlobal Validation of Linear Model Assumptions
CarMileageDataCar Mileage Data Recorded at Each Gasoline Fill-Up
computegvlmaInternal Computations for Gvlma Objects
deletion.gvlmaDeletion Statistics for a Linear Model
display.delstatsPlot Deletion Statistics and Their P-Values for Assessment of...
gvlmaCreate a Gvlma Object
plot.gvlmaVarious Plots for a Gvlma Object
plot.gvlmaDelVarious Plots for a Gvlmadel Object
summary.gvlmaPrint Basic Information for a Gvlma Object
summary.gvlmaDelBasic Information for the Leave-One-Out Global and...
update.gvlmaUpdate a Gvlma Object
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