Man pages for hal9001
The Scalable Highly Adaptive Lasso

apply_copy_mapApply copy map
as_dgCMatrixFast Coercion to Sparse Matrix
basis_list_colsList Basis Functions
basis_of_degreeCompute Degree of Basis Functions
cv_lassoCross-validated Lasso on Indicator Bases
cv_lasso_early_stoppingCross-validated LASSO on Indicator Bases
enumerate_basisEnumerate Basis Functions
evaluate_basisGenerate Basis Functions
fit_halHAL: The Highly Adaptive Lasso
hal9000HAL 9000 Quotes
hal_quotesHAL9000 Quotes from "2001: A Space Odyssey"
index_first_copyFind Copies of Columns
lassiCustom Lasso implementation for matrices of indicator...
lassi_fit_moduleRcpp module: lassi_fit_module
lassi_origamiSingle Lasso estimation for cross-validation with Origami
make_basis_listSort Basis Functions
make_copy_mapBuild Copy Maps
make_design_matrixBuild HAL Design Matrix
make_reduced_basis_mapMass-based reduction of basis functions
meets_basisCompute Values of Basis Functions
predict.hal9001Prediction from HAL fits
predict.lassiPredict Method for Lasso on Indicator Bases
SL.hal9001Wrapper for Classic SuperLearner
squash_hal_fitSquash HAL objects
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