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The harvestr package is a framework for conducting replicable parallel simulations in R. It builds off the the popular plyr package for split apply combine framework, and the parallel combined multiple-recursive generator from L'Ecuyer (1999).

Due to the replicable simulations being based off seed values,this package takes a theme of seeds and farming. The principal functions are as follows:


All of the functions work off lists, They expect and return lists, which can be easily converted to data frames. I would do this with ldply(list, I).


The advantage of setting the seeds like this is that parallelization is seamless and transparent, similar to the plyr framework each function has a .parallel argument, which defaults to FALSE, but when set to true will evaluate and run in parallel. An appropriate parallel backend must be specified. For example, with a multicore backend you would run the following code.


See the plyr and foreach packages documentation for what backends are currently supported.

Operating Systems

harvestr is limited in it's capabilities by the packages that it depends on, mainly foreach and plyr The Parallel backends are platform limited read the individual packages documentation:


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