Man pages for harvestr
A Parallel Simulation Framework

baleCombine results into a data frame
called_fromTest if a function was called from others.
farmEvaluate an expression for a set of seeds.
gatherGather independent seeds.
getAttrRetrieve an attribute or a default if not present.
harvestHarvest the results.
harvestrA Simple Reproducible Parallel Simulation Framework
InteractiveSmarter interactive test
is_seededCheck if an object or list of objects has seed attributes
noattrStrip attributes from an object.
plantAssign elements of a list with seeds
plowApply over rows of a data frame
reapCall a function continuing the random number stream.
seed_funsDo a computation with a given seed.
sproutCreate substreams of numbers based of a current stream.
total_timeretrieve the total time for a simulation
use_methodUse a reference class method
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