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Full Featured Implementation of Hash Tables/Associative Arrays/Dictionaries

clearRemoves all key-value pairs from a hash
copyCreate a seperate copy of a hash object.
delRemove key-value pair(s) from a hash
formatMethods for Function format in Package 'hash'
hashhash/associative array/dictionary data structure for the R...
hash-accessorsAccessor methods for the hash class.
hash-classClass "hash"
hash-packageHash/associative array/dictionary data structure for the R...
has-keyTest for existence of key(s) on a hash
invertCreate an inverted hash.
is.emptyTest if a hash has no key-value pairs.
keysReturns key(s) from a hash
lengthReturns the number of items in a hash
make.keyscreates/coerces objects to proper hash keys
setassign key-value pair(s) to a hash
valuesExtract values of a hash object.
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