values: Extract values of a hash object.

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Extract values of a hash object.


Extract values from a hash object. This is a pseudo- accessor method that returns hash values (without keys) as a vector if possible, a list otherwise.

simplifies them to the lowest order (c.f. simplify). It is very similar to h[[ keys(h) ]] , An optional key. It is identical to h[[ keys(h) ]] .

For details about hash accessors, please see hash-class


  ## S4 method for signature 'hash'
values(x, keys=NULL, ...)
  ## S4 replacement method for signature 'hash'
values(keys=NULL) <- value



The hash from where the values retrieved


A vector of keys to be returned.


Arguments passed to sapply


For the replacement method, the value(s) to be set.


The values method returns the values from a hash. It is similar to h[[ keys(h) ]] except that a named vector or list is returned instead of a hash. : By default, the returned values are simplified by coercing to a vector or matrix if possible; elements are named after the corresponding key. If the values are of different types or of a complex class than a named list is returned. Argument simplify can be used to control this behavior.

If a character vector of keys is provided, only these keys are returned. This also allows for returning values mulitple times as in:

values(h, keys=c('a','a','b' ) )

This is now the preferred method for returning multiple values for the same key.

The replacement method, values<- can replace all the values or simply those associated with the supplied keys. Use of the accessor '[' is almost always preferred.


Please see details for which value will be returned:


Vector with the type as the values of the hash


list containing the values of the hash


Christopher Brown


See Also

See also hash, sapply.


  h <- hash( letters, 1:26 )
  values(h)  # 1:26
  values(h, simplify = FALSE )
  values(h, USE.NAMES = FALSE )

  h <- hash( 1:26, letters )
  values(h, keys=1:5 )
  values(h, keys=c(1,1,1:5) )
  values(h, keys=1:5) <- 6:10 
  values(h) <- rev( letters )

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