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hddtools stands for Hydrological Data Discovery Tools. This R package is an open source project designed to facilitate access to a variety of online open data sources relevant for hydrologists and, in general, environmental scientists and practitioners.

This typically implies the download of a metadata catalogue, selection of information needed, a formal request for dataset(s), de-compression, conversion, manual filtering and parsing. All those operations are made more efficient by re-usable functions.

Depending on the data license, functions can provide offline and/or online modes. When redistribution is allowed, for instance, a copy of the dataset is cached within the package and updated twice a year. This is the fastest option and also allows offline use of package’s functions. When re-distribution is not allowed, only online mode is provided.


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Data sources and Functions

The package contains functions to interact with the data providers listed below. For examples of the various functionalities see the vignette.



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