Man pages for hddtools
Hydrological Data Discovery Tools

bboxSpatialPolygonConvert a bounding box to a SpatialPolygons object Bounding...
catalogueData60UKData source: Data60UK catalogue
catalogueGRDCData source: Global Runoff Data Centre catalogue
catalogueMOPEXData source: MOPEX catalogue
catalogueSEPAData source: SEPA catalogue
Data60UKcatalogueData set: The Data60UK Catalogue
getContentExtracts links from ftp page
GRDCcatalogueData set: The GRDC Catalogue
grdcLTMMDData set: The grdcLTMMD look-up table
hddtoolshddtools: Hydrological Data Discovery Tools
KGClimateClassFunction to identify the updated Koppen-Greiger climate zone...
MOPEXcatalogueData set: The MOPEX Catalogue
SEPAcatalogueData set: The SEPA Catalogue
tsData60UKInterface for the Data60UK database of Daily Time Series
tsGRDCInterface for the Global Runoff Data Centre database of...
tsMOPEXInterface for the MOPEX database of Daily Time Series
tsSEPAInterface for the MOPEX database of Daily Time Series
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