Man pages for healthcareai
Tools for Healthcare Machine Learning

add_best_levelsBuild efficient features from high-cardinality,...
add_SAM_utility_colsAdd SAM utility columns to table
as.model_listMake models into model_list object
build_connection_stringBuild a connection string for use with MSSQL and dbConnect
build_one_level_dfReplace all value in the column of a dataframe with a given...
control_chartCreate a control chart
convert_date_colsConvert character date columns to dates and times
countMissingDataFunction to find proportion of NAs in each column of a...
db_readRead from a SQL Server database table
evaluateGet model performance metrics
evaluate_classificationGet performance metrics for classification predictions
evaluate_multiclassGet performance metrics for multiclass predictions
evaluate_regressionGet performance metrics for regression predictions
exploreExplore a model's "reasoning" via counterfactual predictions
flash_modelsTrain models without tuning for performance
get_cutoffsGet cutoff values for group predictions
get_hyperparameter_defaultsGet hyperparameter values
get_supported_modelsSupported models and their hyperparameters
get_thresholdsGet class-separating thresholds for classification...
get_variable_importanceGet variable importances
hcai_imputeSpecify imputation methods for an existing recipe
healthcareaiMachine Learning Made Easy
imputeImpute data and return a reusable recipe
interpretInterpret a model via regularized coefficient estimates
is.model_listType checks
is.predicted_dfClass check
machine_learnMachine learning made easy
make_naReplace missingness values with NA and correct columns types
missingnessFind missingness in each column and search for strings that...
permute_process_variablesTake a dataframe and build a larger dataframe by permuting...
pima_diabetesPatient diabetes dataset
pima_medsPatient medications dataset
pipPatient Impact Predictor
pivotPivot multiple rows per observation to one row with multiple...
plot.explore_dfPlot Counterfactual Predictions
plot.interpretPlot regularized model coefficients
plot.missingnessPlot missingness
plot.model_listPlot performance of models
plot.predicted_dfPlot model predictions vs observed outcomes
plot.thresholds_dfPlot threshold performance metrics
plot.variable_importancePlot variable importance
predict.model_listGet predictions
prep_dataPrepare data for machine learning
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
rename_with_countsAdds the category count to each category name in a given...
save_modelsSave models to disk and load models from disk
selectDataDefunct. See 'db_read'
separate_drgsConvert MSDRGs into a "base DRG" and complication level
split_train_testSplit data into training and test data frames
step_add_levelsAdd levels to nominal variables
step_date_hcaiDate and Time Feature Generator
step_missingClean NA values from categorical/nominal variables
summary.missingnessSummarizes data given by 'missingness'
tune_modelsTune multiple machine learning models using cross validation...
writeDataDefunct. See this vignette for help writing to databases.
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