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This data corresponds to the 965 "number 1" hits on the Hot 100 chart over the period January 1955 to December 2003. For a recording that reaches the number one spot, Weeks measures the number of weeks that it stays at number one. The covariates are: Elvis = 1 if the recording was by Elvis Presley, = 0 otherwise; Beatles = 1 if the recording was by the Beatles, = 0 otherwise; Group = 1 if the recording was by a band, = 0 otherwise; Female = 1 if the artist was a solo female, = 0 otherwise; Male = 1 if the artist was a solo male, = 0 otherwise; Inst = 1 if the recording was purely instrumental, = 0 otherwise; and NonCon = 1 if the recording topped the charts in nonconsecutive weeks, = 0 otherwise.




A data frame with 965 rows and 9 columns.



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