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Spatio-Temporal (Hero) Sandwich Smoother

adjacentDetermine adjacent points
assembleAssemble spline ingredients for sandwich smooth
as.starrayConvert array to 'starray'
as.stsConvert object to 'sts' class
border.gridConstruct border for grid
bsplineB-spline specification
circulateCirculate values of a vector
connectConnect 'hero_radsplines'
create.prepared_listManually create a 'prepared_list'
default.evalargsConstruct default 'evalargs'
default.splinesConstruct default splines
diffpenP-spline difference penalty
enhanceEnhance penalty value
enhance.gridEnhance penalty value using grid search
enlargeEnlarge spatial domain
generate.data2dGenerate 2d data
generate.data3dGenerate 3d data
heroConstruct a hero sandwich smoother
knot.designDesign knot/breakpoint spacing
kronecker.seqA sequence of kronecker products
loglambda2gcvDetermine GCV statistic
ludataData for f1 function from Lu et al. (2012)
plot.heroPlot a 'hero' object
plot.hero_adjacentPlot a 'hero_adjacent' object
plot.hero_bsplinePlot a 'hero_bspline' object
plot.hero_enlargePlot a 'hero_enlarge' object
plot.hero_radsplinePlot a 'hero_radspline'
poly2SpatialPolygonsConvert simple polygon to a 'SpatialPolygons' object
precomputePrecompute objects
predict.heroPredict method for 'hero' object
predict.hero_bsplinePredict method for 'hero_bspline' object
predict.hero_radsplinePredict method for a 'hero_radspline'
preparePrepare data for sandwich smooth
prepare.arrayPrepare data array for sandwich smooth
prepare.listPrepare data array for sandwich smooth
prepare.matrixPrepare data matrix for sandwich smooth
prepare.numericPrepare data vector for sandwich smooth
prepare.starrayPrepare 'starray' for sandwich smooth
prepare.stsPrepare 'starray' for sandwich smooth
radsplineRadial basis spline specification
rhRotated H-transform
rh.seqApply 'rh' sequentially
spdiffpenSpatial difference penalty
tasmaxComputer-generated temperature data
wrfg_cgcm3_tasmaxComputer-generated temperature data
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