wrfg_cgcm3_tasmax: Computer-generated temperature data

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The maximum daily surface air temperature (C) of land locations for the time period January 1, 2041 through January 30, 1941 for the WRFG-CGCM3 computer generated data made available through the North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program (NARCCAP). The non-land locations are specified as NA.




Matrices wrfg_lon and wrfg_lat and array wrfg_cgcm3_tasmax.


Mearns, L.O., et al., 2007, updated 2014. The North American Regional Climate Change Assessment Program dataset, National Center for Atmospheric Research Earth System Grid data portal, Boulder, CO. Data downloaded 2018-06-13. <doi:10.5065/D6RN35ST>.

Mearns, L. O., W. J. Gutowski, R. Jones, L.-Y. Leung, S. McGinnis, A. M. B. Nunes, and Y. Qian. "A regional climate change assessment program for North America." EOS, Vol. 90, No. 36, 8 September 2009, pp. 311-312. <doi:10.1029/2009EO360002>.

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