probGreater: Creates function for one column with correct probability row1...

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Using rowPairApply, this can generate a column with the correct probability that row 1 > row 2 for each row pair in the test_data. It can do this using the criterion column passed in. By default, the output column is called "ProbGreater," but you can override the name with output_column_name.


probGreater(criterion_col, output_column_name = "ProbGreater")



The integer index of the criterion in test_data.


An optional string


Note this uses a very simplistic "probability" which only looks at the current row pair. It does not look at all sets of row pairs with the same profile.


An object that implements createFunction. Users will generally not use this directly– rowPairApply will.

See Also

heuristicsProb is the wrapper to get the predicted probability that the first row in the row pair is greater, with output for each fitted heuristic passed to it.

rowPairApply which has examples of using this.

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