Man pages for hhh4contacts
Age-Structured Spatio-Temporal Models for Infectious Disease Counts

adaptPAdapt a Transition Matrix to a Specific Stationary...
addGroups2WFUNGroup-Dependent Parametric Weights
aggregateCAggregate a Contact Matrix
aggregateCountsArrayAggregate an Array of Counts wrt One Dimension (Stratum)
C2popAdapt a Contact Matrix to Population Fractions
contactmatrixPOLYMOD Contact Matrices for Germany
dssAggregateCompute the DSS on Aggregated Predictions and Observations
expandCExpand the Contact Matrix over Regions
fitCEstimate the Power of the Contact Matrix in a '"hhh4"' Model
noroBECreate '"sts"' Objects from the Berlin Norovirus Data
plotCGenerate an Image of a Contact Matrix
plotHHH4_fitted_groupsPlot Mean Components of a 'hhh4' Fit by Group
plotHHH4_maps_groupsPlot Mean Components of a 'hhh4' Fit by District Averaged...
plotHHH4_season_groupsPlot Seasonality of a 'hhh4' Fit by Group
pop2011Berlin and German Population by Age Group, 2011
powerCExponentiate a Matrix via Eigendecomposition
stationaryStationary Distribution of a Transition Matrix
stratumExtract Strata
stsplothookHook functions for 'stsplot_time1'
subset.arraySubset an Array in one Dimension
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