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Display Hilbert periodogram


This function displays the Hilbert periodogram, with options to plot individual IMFs and also the Fourier periodogram for comparison.


HHSpecPlot(hspec, freq.span = NULL, scaling = "none", imf.list = NULL, 
    show.total = TRUE, show.fourier = FALSE, scale.fourier = FALSE, 
    show.imfs = FALSE, legend = TRUE, ...)



Data structure returned by HHSpectrum


Frequency range to plot, NULL plots all of them


Amplitude scaling, can be "log" (log 10), "sqrt" (square root), defaults to "none".


Which IMFs to plot, requires show.imfs = TRUE.


Show the ensemble Hilbert spectrogram


Show the Fourier periodogram


Scale Fourier and Hilbert spectra to each other for easier comparison


Plot individual IMF spectra


Determines whether or not a legend is shown


This function supports some optional parameters as well:

  • xlab - X axis label

  • ylab - Y axis label

  • legend.location - where to put the legend

  • total.col - color of ensemble Hilbert periodogram

  • total.lwd - lwd of ensemble Hilbert periodogram

  • total.lty - lty of ensemble Hilbert periodogram

  • imf.cols - colors of IMF periodogram

  • imf.lwd - lwds of IMF periodogram

  • imf.lty - ltys of IMF periodogram

  • fourier.col - color of Fourier periodogram

  • fourier.lwd - lwd of Fourier periodogram

  • fourier.lty - lty of Fourier periodogram

  • main - figure title


This function plots the Hilbert periodogram of a signal, with options to show periodograms of individual IMFs. You can also plot a simple Fourier periodogram for comparison.


Daniel Bowman danny.c.bowman@gmail.com

See Also

HHSpectrum, HHGramImage


#Here we see how the EMD produces a dyadic filter bank for uniform random noise
#The frequency distributions of all but the first IMF display a Chi-Square distribution
#See Huang, N. E. & Wu, Z. 
#A review on Hilbert-Huang Transform: Method and its applications to geophysical studies.
#Reviews of Geophysics, 2008, 46, RG2006

#The EMD of this signal may take a couple of minutes to run

sig  <-  runif(10000)
tt  <-  seq_len(length(sig)) * 0.01

## Not run: emd.result  <-  Sig2IMF(sig, tt)

dfreq  <-  0.1
## Not run: hspec  <-  HHSpectrum(emd.result, dfreq)

## Not run: HHSpecPlot(hspec, show.imfs = TRUE, 
imf.list = 1:10, show.total = TRUE, scaling = "sqrt", 
imf.lwd = rep(2, 10), total.lty = 3)
## End(Not run)

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