highlight-package: Syntax Highlighter for R

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Syntax Highlighter for R


Syntax highlighter for R based on output from the R parser

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The main function of the package is highlight.

highlight delegates rendering the document to renderers, such as the renderer_latex or renderer_html and is helped by a detective to make sense of the results from the parser. The package ships a simple_detective.

The package also defines a custom sweave driver (HighlightWeaveLatex) for latex based on the standard sweave latex driver (RweaveLatex) using highlight to perform syntax highlighting of R code chunks.


## Not run: 
tf <- tempfile()
dump( "glm" , file = tf )

# rendering in html
highlight( tf, output = stdout(), 
	renderer = renderer_html() )

# rendering in latex
highlight( tf, output = stdout(), 
	renderer = renderer_latex() )

# Sweave driver using syntax highlighting
if( require( grid ) ){
	v <- vignette( "grid", package = "grid" )$file
	file.copy( v, "grid.Snw" )
	Sweave( "grid.Snw", driver= HighlightWeaveLatex() )
	system( "pdflatex grid.tex" )
	if (.Platform$OS.type == "windows"){ 
		shell.exec( "grid.pdf" )
	} else {
		system(paste(shQuote(getOption("pdfviewer")), "grid.pdf" ), 
			wait = FALSE)

unlink( tf )

## End(Not run)

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