individuals: List of individuals to be compared for parentage assignment.

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A list of 2527 individuals (superb fairy wrens; Malurus cyaneus)) of which their genetics are to be compared to determine parentage. The dataset consists of 1153 offspring, 469 adult females that are potential dams and 905 adult males that are potential sires. Data is from five cohorts (breeding seasons 2014-2018) from the Australian National Botanic Garden. Note that individuals can occur multiple times in the dataset, as adults can have parentage in multiple years. Also offspring can become adults in future years. Also if an individual is associated with multiple broods as social parent this means there can be multiple records per year. Note that the columns social parent and brood are only used to determine whether a potential dam or sire is the social parent, an extra-group (technically extra-brood) parent or within-group parent that is not the social parent (a subordinate).




A data frame with 2527 rows and 6 variables:


an identifier of the brood to which the offspring and adults belong/are associated with


an identifier of individual


denotes whether the individual is an offspring, adult female (potential dam) or adult male (potential sire)


if the individual is the social parent of the brood then equal to 1, else 0


the year or cohort that is being considered, adults can be potential dam or sire in some years, but no in others


Andrew Cockburn,


Cockburn et al. (2020) HIPHOP: improved paternity assignment among close relatives using a simple exclusion method for biallelic markers. Molecular Ecology Resources, in revision.

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