Man pages for hitandrun
"Hit and Run" and "Shake and Bake" for Sampling Uniformly from Convex Shapes

bbRejectBounding box rejection sampler
createBoundBoxCalculate a bounding box
createSeedPointGenerate a seed point
createTransformCreate transformation matrices
eliminateRedundantEliminate redundant linear constraints
findExtremePointsFind extreme points
findFaceFind the closest face (constraint) to an interior point of a...
findInteriorPointFind an interior point
findVerticesFind vertices of the polytope
har"Hit and Run" sampler
har-constraintConstraint formulation utility functions
hitandrun"Hit and Run" sampler
hitandrun-package"Hit and Run" sampling
hypersphere.sampleSample uniformly from an n-hypersphere
sab"Shake and Bake" sampler
shakeandbake"Shake and Bake" sampler
simplex.createConstraintsCreate constraints that define the (n-1)-simplex
simplex.createTransformTransform points on an (n-1)-simplex to n-dimensional space
simplex.sampleSample uniformly from a simplex
solution.basisCalculate the basis for the solution space of a system of...
transformConstraintsApply a transformation to a set of linear constraints.
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