Man pages for hmm.discnp
Hidden Markov Models with Discrete Non-Parametric Observation Distributions

anova.hmm.discnpAnova for hmm.discnp models
ccprSimSimulated monocyte counts and psychosis symptoms.
cnvrtRhoConvert Rho between forms.
fitted.hmm.discnpFitted values of a discrete non-parametric hidden Markov...
hmmFit a hidden Markov model to discrete data.
hmm.discnp-internalInternal hmm.discnp functions.
hydroDatCanadian hydrological data sets.
lesionCountMultiple sclerosis lesion counts for three patients.
logLikHmmLog likelihood of a hidden Markov model
misstifyInsert missing values.
mpsMost probable states.
nafracCalcCalculate fractions of missing values.
prProbability of state sequences.
predict.hmm.discnpPredicted values of a discrete non-parametric hidden Markov...
rhmmSimulate discrete data from a non-parametric hidden Markov...
scovmatSimulation based covariance matrix.
spCalculate the conditional state probabilities.
squantCISimulation-quantile based confidence intervals.
SydColDiscDiscretised version of coliform counts in sea-water samples
update.hmm.discnpUpdate a fitted 'hmm.discnp' model.
viterbiMost probable state sequence.
weissDataData from "An Introduction to Discrete-Valued Time Series"
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