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Higher Order Likelihood Inference

aidsAIDS Symptoms and AZT Use Data
airwayAirway Data
all.profiles.nlregSupport for function 'profile.nlreg'
anova.rsmANOVA Table for a RSM Object
anova.rsmlistUse anova() on a "rsmlist" object
babiesCrying Babies Data
C1Six Herbicide Data Sets
chlorsulfuronChlorsulfuron Data
coef.nlregUse coef() on a 'nlreg' object
condApproximate Conditional Inference - Generic Function
cond.glmApproximate Conditional Inference for Logistic and Loglinear...
cond.objectApproximate Conditional Inference Object
cond.rsmApproximate Conditional Inference in Regression-Scale Models
contour.all.nlreg.profilesContour Method for 'nlreg' Objects
daphnia'Daphnia Magna' Data
darwinDarwin's Data on Growth Rates of Plants
DmeanDifferentiate the Mean Function of a Nonlinear Model
dormicumDormicum Data
DvarDifferentiate the Variance Function of a Nonlinear Model
expInfoReturns the Expected Information Matrix - Generic Function
expInfo.nlregExpected Information Matrix for 'nlreg' Objects
family.condUse family() on a "cond" object
family.rsmUse family() on a "rsm" object
family.rsm.objectFamily Object for Regression-Scale Models
family.summary.condUse family() on a "summary.cond" object
fitted.nlregUse fitted() on a 'nlreg' object
fraudulentFraudulent Automobile Insurance Claims Data
fungalFungal Infections Treatment Data
helicopterHelicopter Data
hoaHigher Order Likelihood Inference
housesHouse Price Data
HuberHuber's Least Favourable Distribution
logLik.nlregCompute the Log Likelihood for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic...
logLik.rsmCompute the Log Likelihood for Regression-Scale Models for RSM Family Functions
marg.objectApproximate Marginal Inference Object
metsulfuronMetsulfuron Methyl Data
mplMaximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Estimation - Generic...
mpl.nlregMaximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Estimates for a 'nlreg'...
mpl.objectMaximum Adjusted Profile Likelihood Object
nlregFit a Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Model via Maximum Likelihood
nlreg.contours.objectContour Object for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models
nlreg.diagNonlinear Heteroscedastic Model Diagnostics
nlreg.objectNonlinear Heteroscedastic Model Object
nlreg.profile.objectsProfile Objects for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models
nuclearNuclear Power Station Data
obsInfoReturns the Observed Information Matrix - Generic Function
obsInfo.nlregObserved Information Matrix for 'nlreg' Objects
paramExtract All Parameters from a Model - Generic Function
param.nlregUse param() on a 'nlreg' object
plot.condGenerate Plots for an Approximate Conditional Inference...
plot.frPlot a fr Object
plot.margGenerate Plots for an Approximate Marginal Inference Object
plot.nlreg.contoursUse plot() on a 'nlreg.contours' object
plot.nlreg.diagDiagnostic Plots for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models
plot.nlreg.profilesUse plot() on a 'profile.nlreg' and 'all.profiles.nlreg'...
print.condUse print() on a "cond" object print() on a "family.rsm" object
print.margUse print() on a "marg" object
print.mplUse print() on a 'mpl' object
print.nlregUse print() on a 'nlreg' object
print.nlreg.contoursUse print() on a 'nlreg.contours' object
print.nlreg.profilesUse print() on a 'nlreg.profile' and 'all.nlreg.profiles'...
print.rsmUse print() on a "rsm" object
print.summary.condUse print() on a "summary.cond" object
print.summary.margUse print() on a "summary.marg" object
print.summary.mplUse print() on a 'summary.mpl' object
print.summary.nlregUse print() on a 'summary.nlreg' object
print.summary.nlreg.profilesUse print() on a 'summary.nlreg.profile' and...
print.summary.rsmUse print() on a "summary.rsm" object
profile.nlregProfile Method for 'nlreg' Objects
qSthetaSupport for 'nlreg' package of 'hoa' bundle
rabbitsRabbits Data
residuals.nlregUse residuals() on a 'nlreg' object
residuals.rsmCompute Residuals for Regression-Scale Models
riaRadioimmunoassay Data
rsmFit a Regression-Scale Model
rsm.diagDiagnostics for Regression-Scale Models
rsm.diag.plotsDiagnostic Plots for Regression-Scale Models
rsm.dispersionSupport for Functions and rsm.surv
rsm.distributionsRSM Family Support Object
rsm.familiesGenerate a RSM Family Object
rsm.fitFit a Regression-Scale Model Without Computing the Model...
rsm.nullFit an Empty Regression-Scale Model
rsm.objectRegression-Scale Model Object
rsm.survFit a Regression-Scale Model Without Computing the Model...
summary.all.nlreg.profilesSummary Method for Objects of Class 'all.nlreg.profiles'
summary.condSummary Method for Objects of Class "cond"
summary.frLikelihood-Based Confidence Intervals Based on fr Object
summary.margSummary Method for Objects of Class "marg"
summary.mplSummary Method for 'mpl' Objects
summary.nlregSummary Method for Nonlinear Heteroscedastic Models
summary.nlreg.profileSummary Method for Objects of Class 'nlreg.profile'
summary.rsmSummary Method for Regression-Scale Models
temTangent exponential model: Higher Order Likelihood...
update.rsmUpdate and Re-fit a RSM Model Call
urineUrine Data
var2corConvert Covariance Matrix to Correlation Matrix - Generic...
var2cor.nlregmplUse var2cor() on a 'nlreg' and 'mpl' object
vcov.rsmCalculate Variance-Covariance Matrix for a Fitted RSM Model
veniceSea Level Data
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