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Add rectangular bracket to plot


Add a rectangular bracket to the most recent plot. This bracket may be used to loosely connect points or bars in a plot, to attract the viewer's attention to these connected points or bars.


bracket( x0, y0, x1=x0, y1=y0, 
         offset=1, length=offset/2, 
         side=1, col="grey", ... )


x0, y0

coordinates of points from which to draw bracket.

x1, y1

coordinates of points to which to draw bracket.


offset or distance of bracket from specified coordinates; the direction of the offset depends on side. The offset must be specified in data units of the appropriate dimension of the plot.


the length of the whiskers of the bracket.


the side, relative to the specified coordinates, on which to draw the bracket; 1=below, 2=left, 3=above, 4=right.


the color in which to draw the bracket.


other graphical parameters to be passed on (see par), such as lty, lwd.


If offset is positive (the default), then positive values of length (the default) result in inside whiskers, towards the specified coordinates, and negative values of length result in outside whiskers, away from the specified coordinates.

The value for side must be specified as an integer number; values other than 1:4 will be ignored.


None; a bracket is added to the existing plot.

See Also

segments, par.


plot( 1:9, 1:9 )
bracket( x0=4, x1=6, y0=3, side=1 )
bracket( x0=3, y0=4, y1=6, side=2, offset=1, length=1, lty=2 )
bracket( x0=4, x1=6, y0=7, side=3, col="red" )
# negative length: whiskers outside
bracket( x0=7, y0=4, y1=6, side=4, offset=0, length=-1 ) 

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