hsdar-package: Manage, analyse and simulate hyperspectral data in R


The hsdar package contains classes and functions to manage, analyse and simulate hyperspectral data. These might be either spectrometer measurements or hyperspectral images through the interface of raster.


hsdar provides amongst others the following functionality.

Several classes are defined and used in hsdar. Most of the classes are used and respective objects are created internally. However, the following figure gives an overview which class is used at which stage of processing. width= Note that the asterisk marks all classes for which wrapper functions for the caret package exist.

To see the preferable citation of the package, type citation("hsdar").


Development initially funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (03G0808C) in the scope of the project PaDeMoS as precondition to develop a space-based Pasture Degradation Monitoring System for the Tibetan Plateau.


Lukas Lehnert, Hanna Meyer, Joerg Bendix

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