Man pages for hsstan
Hierarchical Shrinkage Stan Models for Biomarker Selection

bayes_R2.hsstanBayesian and LOO-adjusted R-squared
choose.nextNext variable to enter the current submodel
diabetesDiabetes data with interaction terms
fit.submodelCompute the fit of a submodel
hsstanHierarchical shrinkage models
hsstan-packageHierarchical shrinkage Stan models for biomarker selection
kfold.hsstanK-fold cross-validation
lm_projCompute projections of full predictors on to subspace of...
log_lik.hsstanPointwise log-likelihood
loo.hsstanPredictive information criteria for Bayesian models
nsamples.hsstanNumber of posterior samples
plot.projselPlot of relative explanatory power of predictors
posterior_interval.hsstanPosterior uncertainty intervals
posterior_linpred.hsstanPosterior distribution of the linear predictor
posterior_performancePosterior measures of performance
posterior_predict.hsstanPosterior predictive distribution
posterior_summaryPosterior summary
print.hsstanPrint a summary for the fitted model
projselForward selection minimizing KL-divergence in projection
sampler.statsSampler statistics
summary.hsstanSummary for the fitted model
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