Man pages for htmltools
Tools for HTML

as.tagsConvert a value to tags
bindFillRoleAllow tags to intelligently fill their container
browsableMake an HTML object browsable
builderCreate HTML tags
capturePlotCapture a plot as a saved file
copyDependencyToDirCopy an HTML dependency to a directory
cssCSS string helper
defaultPngDeviceDetermine the best PNG device for your system
findDependenciesCollect attached dependencies from HTML tag object
HTMLMark Characters as HTML
htmlDependenciesHTML dependency metadata
htmlDependencyDefine an HTML dependency
htmlEscapeEscape HTML entities
htmlPreservePreserve HTML regions
html_printImplementation of the print method for HTML
htmlTemplateProcess an HTML template
htmltools-packagehtmltools: Tools for HTML
includeInclude Content From a File
knitr_methodsKnitr S3 methods
makeDependencyRelativeMake an absolute dependency relative
parseCssColorsParse CSS color strings
plotTagCapture a plot as a self-contained <img> tag
print.htmlPrint method for HTML/tags
renderDependenciesCreate HTML for dependencies
renderDocumentRender an html_document object
renderTagsRender tags into HTML
resolveDependenciesResolve a list of dependencies
save_htmlSave an HTML object to a file
singletonInclude content only once
singleton_toolsSingleton manipulation functions
subtractDependenciesSubtract dependencies
suppressDependenciesSuppress web dependencies
tagAddRenderHookModify a tag prior to rendering
tagAppendAttributesAppend tag attributes
tagAppendChildModify tag contents
tagFunctionTag function
tagListCreate a list of tags
tagQueryQuery and modify HTML tags
urlEncodePathEncode a URL path
validateCssUnitValidate proper CSS formatting of a unit
withTagsEvaluate an expression using 'tags'
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