copyDependencyToDir: Copy an HTML dependency to a directory

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Copy an HTML dependency to a directory


Copies an HTML dependency to a subdirectory of the given directory. The subdirectory name will be name-version (for example, "outputDir/jquery-1.11.0"). You may set options(htmltools.dir.version = FALSE) to suppress the version number in the subdirectory name.


copyDependencyToDir(dependency, outputDir, mustWork = TRUE)



A single HTML dependency object.


The directory in which a subdirectory should be created for this dependency.


If TRUE and dependency does not point to a directory on disk (but rather a URL location), an error is raised. If FALSE then non-disk dependencies are returned without modification.


In order for disk-based dependencies to work with static HTML files, it's generally necessary to copy them to either the directory of the referencing HTML file, or to a subdirectory of that directory. This function makes it easier to perform that copy.


The dependency with its src value updated to the new location's absolute path.

See Also

makeDependencyRelative() can be used with the returned value to make the path relative to a specific directory.

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