Man pages for huge
High-Dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation

hugeHigh-dimensional undirected graph estimation
huge.ctGraph estimation via correlation thresholding (ct)
huge.generatorData generator
huge.glassoThe graphical lasso (glasso) using sparse matrix output
huge.inferenceGraph inference
huge.mbMeinshausen & Buhlmann graph estimation
huge.npnNonparanormal(npn) transformation
huge-packageHigh-Dimensional Undirected Graph Estimation
huge.plotGraph visualization
huge.rocDraw ROC Curve for a graph path
huge.selectModel selection for high-dimensional undirected graph...
huge.tigerTuning-insensitive graph estimation
plot.hugePlot function for S3 class "huge"
plot.rocPlot function for S3 class "roc"
plot.selectPlot function for S3 class "select"
plot.simPlot function for S3 class "sim"
print.hugePrint function for S3 class "huge"
print.rocPrint function for S3 class "roc"
print.selectPrint function for S3 class "select"
print.simPrint function for S3 class "sim"
stockdataStock price of S&P 500 companies from 2003 to 2008
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