Man pages for hutils
Miscellaneous R Functions and Aliases

ahullMaximum area given x and y coordinates
all_same_signDetermine whether a vector is all of the same sign
any_greplDoes the pattern appear anywhere?
average_bearingAverage of bearings
bearingBearing calculations
coalesceFind first non-missing element
dev_copy2a4Copy device to an A4 PDF
dir2List many files
drop_colDrop column or columns
drop_colrDrop columns whose names match a pattern
drop_constant_colsDrop constant columns
drop_empty_colsDrop empty columns
duplicated_rowsReturn duplicated rows of data.table
einExists and (not) in
find_pattern_inFind string pattern in (text) file
fst_columnsUtilities for 'fst' files
generate_LaTeX_manualGenerate LaTeX manual of installed package
grapes-notchin-grapesNegation of in (character)
grapes-notin-grapesNegation of in
grapes-pin-grapesPartial in
haversine_distanceDistance between two points on the Earth
hutils-packagehutils package
if_elseVectorized if
implies#' Logical implies
isAttachedIs a package attached?
isTrueFalseLogical assertions
longest_affixLongest common prefix/suffix
mean_naProportion of values that are NA.
ModeStatistical mode
mutate_ntileAdd a column of ntiles to a data table
mutate_otherGroup infrequent entries into 'Other category'
prohibit_unequal_length_vectorsProhibit unequal length vectors
prohibit_vector_recyclingProhibit vector recycling
provide.dirProvide directory
provide.fileProvide a file
replace_pattern_inReplace string pattern in text file
report_errorReport errors and warnings
RQShorthand for 'requireNamespace'
sampSafer sampler
select_grepSelect names matching a pattern
selectorFast selection of 'data.table' columns
select_whichSelect columns satisfying a condition
seq_nrowGenerate sequence of row numbers
set_cols_firstPut columns first or last
swapSwap assignment
SwitchVectorized switch
unique-keysUnique keys
weight2rowsExpand a weighted data frame to an equivalent unweighted
weighted_ntileWeighted (ranked) quantiles
weighted_quantileWeighted quantile
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