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Iterative and Interactive Dashboards

add_vis_objectGeneral method to add an object as component to a page of an...
assembleGenerate an RMarkdown file from an i2dashboard object.
dot-add_componentHelper function to add components to the dashboard
dot-create_page_nameSanitize component names
dot-render_pageMethod for rendering a page with a given layout and...
embed_varA method to embed tabular data into an HTML link for...
grapes-greater-than-grapes'magrittr' forward-pipe operator
grapes-less-than-greater-than-grapesmagrittr compound assignment pipe-operator
i2dash'i2dash': A package for programmatic creation of interactive,...
i2dashboard-classThe i2dashboard S4 class.
i2dashboard-contentAdd content to an i2dashboard object.
i2dashboard-methodsAccessor methods for slots of an i2dashboard object.
i2dashboard-pagesMethods to add and remove pages of an i2dashboard object.
render_imageMethod to embed an image file in a component
render_textMethod to embed content from a text file in a...
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