Man pages for iMRMC
Multi-Reader, Multi-Case Analysis Methods (ROC, Agreement, and Other Metrics)

convertDFtoDesignMatrixConvert an MRMC data frame to a design matrix
convertDFtoScoreMatrixConvert an MRMC data frame to a score matrix
createIMRMCdfConvert a data frame with all needed factors to doIMRMC...
doIMRMCMRMC analysis of the area under the ROC curve
init.lecuyerRNGInitialize the l'Ecuyer random number generator
roc2binaryConvert ROC data formatted for doIMRMC to TPF and FPF data...
sim.gRoeMetzSimulate an MRMC data set of an ROC experiment comparing two...
sim.gRoeMetz.configCreate a configuration object for the sim.gRoeMetz program
simMRMCSimulate an MRMC data set
simRoeMetz.exampleSimulates a sample MRMC ROC experiment
successDFtoROCdfConvert an MRMC data frame of successes to one formatted for...
undoIMRMCdfConvert a doIMRMC formatted data frame to a standard data...
uStat11.diffCreate the kernel and design matrices for uStat11
uStat11.identityCreate the kernel and design matrices for uStat11
uStat11.jointDAnalysis of U-statistics degree 1,1
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