Man pages for iNEXT
Interpolation and Extrapolation for Species Diversity

antAnt species incidence frequencies data
as.abucountTransform abundance raw data to abundance row-sum counts...
as.incfreqTransform incidence raw data to incidence frequencies (iNEXT...
birdBird abundance-based data
ChaoRichnessEstimation of species richness
ChaoShannonEstimation of Shannon entropy/diversity
ChaoSimpsonEstimation of Gini-Simpson index or Simpson diversity
ciliatesThree soil samples
DataInfoExhibit basic data information
estimateDCompute species diversity with a particular of sample...
fortify.iNEXTFortify method for classes from the iNEXT package.
ggiNEXTggplot2 extension for an iNEXT object
iNEXTiNterpolation and EXTrapolation of Hill number
iNEXT-packageInterpolation and extrapolation for species diversity
plot.iNEXTPlotting iNEXT object
print.iNEXTPrinting iNEXT object
spiderSpider species abundances/frequencies
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